April 20, 2011

Bad (Holly) day

Today I just spend my day with sleeping over the day.
And it sounds that how lazy I am today.
Aaaah, actually I want to find something that make me busy for a day.
But, I don't know what.
Ultimately, I just read a book. Iii. . ., I wanna make a changes, but it's hard. I need a spirit, passion and motivation. Yeah! Utha FIGHTING!!! xoxo.

Today in TV, I watched a movie.
The title is RED COBEX -> Indonesian movie.
The movie aired on May 2010 at Cinema.
The Genre is Romantic Comedy (but I prefer Comedy, because it shook my stomach)

How the poster looked like

Synopsis :
Red Cobex is the name of Gang from each region which had a members, that is Ma'am Ana (Ambon person), Aunt Lisa (Manado person), Yu Halimah (Tegal person), Mbok Bariah (Madura person), and Cik Meymey (descendants of Chinese) is a mothers group who protected the weak community and anti - immorality. They aren't hesitate to hurt a person who take an advantages from the dirty business. With Yopie (Ma'am Ana's son), they act like thugs to apprehended and vigilante.

left-right : Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala, Sarah Sechan, Tika Panggabean and Indy Barends

The Cast :
  • Tika Panggabean as Ma'am Ana (Mama Ana)
  • Indy Barends as Aunt Lisa (Tante Lisa)
  • Aida Nurmala as Yu Halimah
  • Sarah Sechan as Mbok Bariah
  • Cut Mini as Cik Meymey
  • Lukman Sardi as Yopie
  • Revalina S. Temat as Astuti
Watch these movie because I recommended

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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