September 09, 2010

iyeeey !

. hohoho .

Actually I make this blog again after vacuum for a long time and haven't touch my old blog (more precisely I forgot my old e-mail and password.And I make this one). I hope I can start it again TODAY, and I can spend my time to write my life journey here. I want to say thanks to :
  • ALLAH SWT (because I can make this blog again without problems)
  • My Family (because I can explain what I feel here and make me feel better)
  • Persatuan Gendut (name of girl's group, but we're not a gang) including: ma'am kristul, febby, icha
  • Neighborhood friends, including: novi and indri
  • School friends: natal, puspa, sari, pege, okta, iki, and many more

#sorry for those peoples whom their name is not shown on the list#

    Have a nice day!
    And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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